How we do it

Our collective experience has taught us that clients and their users are being misunderstood too many times. As Huemans we pursue creating a strong relationship to see what ticks them. The human aspect drives our aptitude to get a deeper understanding so that we can deliver what is truly desired.

Strategy & insights

Workshops are good to unravel problems and desires, and are applicable to all types of businesses. With a design workshop together with the client, we try to create a collaborative solution to the problems that are defined.

To really understand the user’s interaction with the client, a customer journey is a great tool to map out their journey by visualizing it through a timeline with the respective touchpoints.

A concept is an abstract idea that can be the foundation of the final product. A concept can get any form; like sketches, drawings or a written statement.

Once the purpose of the product is clear, we can create a first visual and functional interpretation with wireframes or prototypes. This is a low-fi way of showing how you can interact with the product and can also give a first glance of the visual experience.

With a digital strategy we can apply digital initiatives that serves the clients business performance. This is a joint quest to search for the sweet spot where business and technology meet.

Branding & identity

A good brand consists of a strong visual identification. We can brand or reshape elements like logo, colors, typography, photography and icons that should evolve in a harmonious whole that represent and complements the core of the company.

Although visual and brand identity goes hand in hand, brand identity focusses more on the internal aspects, such as mission statement, tone of voice, 

The term user experience design, also knows as UX design, was created by Don Norman in the 1990’s and was meant to symbolize all the user’s interaction with the company and their products or services. This term has evolved in a discipline and is nowadays the backbone of a strong and thought out design. Before we start with creating a user interface, we evaluate what the value and function of the experience is and how usable and desirable it feels.

The user interface design, also known as UI design, is the final product and is what the users get to see and interact with. It’s the culmination of all the work that has been done in the stages prior to this. At Huemans we always strive to create interfaces that reflects the soul of the client and fits like a glove to the user needs.

With a design system we can create one library where all the digital components are stored. This will benefit consistency trough all layers of experience, is useful for every multidisciplinary team and limits future development.

Digital products

We love creating websites that are not only useful, but also delightful. It’s always a nice challenge to work together with our customers to deliver websites that makes the user, client and also ourselves overjoyed.

Sometimes a website isn’t the right choice for the problem. That’s why at Huemans we’re also capable of creating web and mobile apps. In a dynamic and mobile world, we act upon what is now demanded by the respective target group. Mobile or desktop; for us it’s always a treat to work for any viewport and we like the differentiation that it brings.

In this day and age we are using a lot of our products and services via internet. This is called Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). In the last years we gained a lot of experience by creating several kinds of SaaS products for various clients. Due are gathered know-how and our enjoyment in making these products, we want to pinpoint this type of product specifically.

In Huemans we’ve found the best digital partner we could wish for! They structured the process from beginning to end and really captured our needs along the way.
Davey Minkhorst
Founder Wiljekoffie

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